Mi Vida: La buena y El mal

27 February
Mini-bigrahpy, eh? Well, I was born and I am still living. i will come up with a better bio later.
80s music, anti-oppression, bagels, ballpoints, bandanas, best buy, bisexuality, body spray, boys, breyer's yogurt, burning cds, cats, cherubs, chicago (the movie), chocolate chip cookies, clitorises, coldplay, computers, critiques, cuddling, cuppuccino, debating, deftones, depeche mode, doodling, dreams, emails, encyclopedias, evanescence, feminism, flamin hot cheetos, flashlights, friends, g2s, game show network channel, geeks/nerd-ness, geometric designs, girl interrupted, girls, harry potter, hot chocolate, hot sauce, im, incense, intersectionality, jeans, jelly sandwiches, jeopardy, jewel, journals, korn, laser lights, laughter, lava lamps, lavender, le tigre, lemonade, linkin park, madonna, making out, mario party, masturbating, michel foucault, moulin rouge, movies, mp3s, mtv2, music, musicals, nail polish, nakedness, nirvana, nutrigrain bars, nymphomaniacs, office depot, oppurtunity cost theory, pens, performance theory, philosophy, pianos, pictionary, pictures, playing boggle, poetry, politics, powder, procrastination, pseudo-porn, psychology, queer theory, questioning, radiohead, rainbows, ramen noodles, ranch dressing, reading, reggae, scented candles, semantics, sex, sketchers, sleeping, soad, sociology, south park, spanish, sparkliness, spongebob, sprite soda, staind, static-x, strong bad, subway, taco bell, techno music, the evil laugh, the faint, the hours, the matrix, the sims, the vagina monolouges, the white stripes, theology, tool, vaginas, vanilla ice cream, vh1, violins, voyeurism, winona ryder, winter, women, writing, zoolander